Welcome to the website of GM Expat Tax.

We are a firm of accountants specialising in assisting expats living and working in Dubai, Singapore, and Hong Kong with (amongst other things) their UK and Australian tax returns.

With a team of qualified professionals that is experienced in UK and Australian tax, and fixed fees that are agreed up front whenever possible we are the preferred tax solution for expats.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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We can assist with a number of tax and accounting issues including:

  • UK tax returns for expats
  • Australian tax returns for expats
  • Tax planning advice for those who are departing the UK or Australia to work overseas
  • Tax advice for those who are returning to the UK or Australia from working and living overseas
  • Advice on business structure and business registration to overseas companies that want to set up in Australia or the UK
Tax Advice Fact Sheets for Expats
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